Unit 12 Reading Activities Plus Questions

Read the following text and then complete the activities that follow.

Guest Rooms

Dialogue between hotel receptionist and guest:

Receptionist: Hello and welcome to the Mayflower hotel, may I take your name sir?

Mr Smith: Hello, yes my name is Todd Smith and I have a reservation today for three nights.

Receptionist: Hello Mr Smith, yes I see we have you booked into one of our singles for two nights and then the third night in our honeymoon suite, is this correct?

Mr Smith: Well not exactly, I was supposed to have a double room for the first two nights before moving to the suite.

Receptionist: Oh. I am very sorry, let me just see what I can do..... Well, I am afraid that all of our doubles are occupied, but I could do a twin for single occupancy. As this is our mistake, there will be no additional charge for single occupancy so the room would be the same rate as the single. Would this be OK sir?

Mr Smith: I suppose it will have to be. Can I just check that the twin also has a balcony, oh and a safe.

Receptionist: Yes all of our rooms are equipped with safes. We actually could offer you a choice of a twin with a balcony facing the garden or a sea view twin on the ground floor with a terrace.

Mr Smith: Actually, I think the one with the terrace sounds good.

Receptionist: Wonderful, you will like this room it has recently been redecorated and is now one of our more tasteful rooms. It is room 114 down the hall and to the left.

Mr Smith: That sounds good. Does it have a shower or bath?

Receptionist: The en-suite bathroom has a bath with shower above it.

Mr Smith: So I will take that one. Now, about the suite. Do you have any adjoining rooms available for that night?

Receptionist: I am afraid not sir, we are fully booked on that night.

Mr Smith: I knew I should have asked when I made the original booking. Well, my fiance's 9 year old son needs to be accommodated. Can you suggest anything?

Receptionist: Actually that shouldn’t be a problem. The suite which we have you booked into is very spacious so we could easily place a foldaway bed in there for the night and you would still have lots of space.

Mr Smith: That might actually be a better option. Thank you. Could I request that all sweets are removed from the mini-bar before we take the room?

Receptionist: Certainly, I will make a note for housekeeping to do that. Oh, and of course you will need toiletries for three and an extra robe.

Mr Smith: Thank you very much.

Receptionist: No problem at Mr Smith. Would you like outgoing calls blocked on the direct-dial phone?

Mr Smith: No, I don’t think that is necessary. Oh does the suite have a kitchenette? Johnny, her son, is going through a phase of only eating tuna sandwiches for breakfast and I doubt your breakfast menu includes those.

Receptionist: Unfortunately it doesn’t, but it will be no problem to request tuna sandwiches from the kitchen. I will make a note to do it the night before.

Mr Smith: Wow, I must say I didn’t expect such great service. Mary told me the staff were very welcoming, but this is amazing.

Receptionist: We do our best sir. There may be more luxurious hotels in the area but we do our best to provide higher levels of service than they do.

Mr Smith: I can see that. I really appreciate your help today. Can I pay in cash now for the pay-per-view TV for the twin room?

Receptionist: Certainly, but it could just go on the bill if that is easier for you?

Mr Smith: NO! Sorry, I mean no I would rather pay now..

Receptionist: Certainly sir, that will be $14 per night for full access so $28 for the two nights.

Mr Smith: Thank you. So its room 114 down the hall and to the right?

Receptionist: To the left.


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Quiz: Reading Questions

1. Double and twin rooms can always be booked for two people.
2. Single rooms and suites are always for one person only.
3. If you travel with a group of friends or family, it can be nice to have adjoining rooms or foldaway beds.
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