Unit 1: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 13 vocabulary words below.
useful, desirable or attractive features or facilities of a place or a building
All local amenities, including the Post Office, several banks and the bus station, are within walking distance of the hotel.
the total amount of money available or needed for something
Wow, these hotels are way over our budget!
a formal meeting of people to discuss shared interests - often takes place over a number of days
Our company has held its annual conference here for the past three years.
not harmful to the environment
We use eco-friendly cleaning products in this hotel because we believe in protecting the environment.
the surroundings or conditions in which a person, animal or plant lives and operates
Do you think a small hotel would have a friendlier work environment than a big one?
places or pieces of equipment provided for a specific purpose
The motel doesn't have a restaurant, so I hope our room has decent cooking facilities.
fixtures and furnishings
everything, functional and decorative, installed in a room or a building
The Interior Designer insisted on changing everything from the lighting to the tables and chairs, so all our fixtures and furnishings are brand new.
A holiday newly married couples go on together, usually immediately after the wedding
They went to Spain on their honeymoon. They'll be back in two weeks.
motel chain
a group of hotels, owned and/or operated by the same company and often linked by use of the same name
The Hilton Hotel chain is so big, we could fly around the world, and stay at one of their hotels in every country we visit.
to provide lots of attention, comfort and kindness to someone. To make someone feel well cared for and special
You must visit the new spa treatment center. The staff over there really know how to make you feel pampered.
the area where guests and visitors are greeted and dealt with
When they arrived, they went straight to reception to pick up the room keys.
to improve the condition of something, especially a room or a building, by repairing or rebuilding it
They're going to renovate this hotel, so it should look much better when we come back next year.
to leave (a place previously occupied)
Rooms must be vacated by 12pm on the final day of the stay.
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