Unit 10: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 20 vocabulary words below.
sheets, blankets etc used on a bed
The hotel changes the bedding every two days for guests who are staying more than two nights.
a small four wheeled trolley used for carrying all items
Each floor has a storage cupboard for storing all cleaning products and the carts.
a document which gives information on all activities which need to be done together with the date
According to the check-list, you should remove and wash the curtains once a week.
the state of being clean or the act of cleaning things
All rooms are kept to the highest level of cleanliness.
deep clean
a thorough and full cleaning, not done every day
During the deep cleaning of the room, the carpets were washed, the walls painted and the bedding dry cleaned.
a chemical or natural preparation used to remove or hide bad smells
The hotel uses different smelling deodorizer depending on the time of year. In spring they use a flowery smell, in winter they use the smell of cinnamon.
intended to be used one time and then thrown away
The spa area uses disposable slippers so the guests can take them if they want.
to remove small particles of skin and dirt from something
You must remember to dust behind the TV.
very dirty
The suite which the band's lead singer was staying in was filthy when he checked out.
dangerous to ones health, either by contact with skin or by breathing in fumes
The safety training showed the staff how to work safely with hazardous cleaning products.
1) the action of washing dirty clothes, sheets etc. 2) clothes, sheets etc which need to be washed
The hotel offers a complimentary laundry service for guests who would like their clothes washed.
cloth items for the home such as sheets or pillow cases
The dirty linens are collected at 3pm each day and are taken away for washing.
rubbing something in order to make it clean and shiny
It takes quite a long time to polish all of the metal fixtures in the bathroom.
to replace something which was used with a new one
While cleaning the room, the house-keeper will replenish all toiletries which have been used.
to make someone aware of something either in writing or by speech
Any breakages in the room must be reported immediately by the house-keeper who cleans the room.
to make something completely clean and free from bacteria
Special chemical cleaners are used to sanitize the bathrooms in all guest rooms.
to set a time or date for something to happen
The room is scheduled to be repainted at the beginning of July so no reservations are being accepted for that period.
to clean something by rubbing it hard with a brush
The tiles in the shower were so dirty that she spent 20 minutes scrubbing them with bleach.
the food, equipment, things which are needed for a particular activity
Each week the head-housekeeper checks which products were used and orders supplies for the following week.
the service of refreshing the room in the evening during the guests absence, typically involving: making the bed, turning on lamps, closing the curtains and leaving a mint on the pillow
Housekeepers need to be careful not to disturb guests possessions during the turndown service.
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