Unit 3: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 9 vocabulary words below.
the character and atmosphere of a place
The soft lighting and romantic music really adds to the ambiance of this restaurant.
appeal to
to be attractive or interesting
The idea of working in a doesn't appeal to everyone.
cater for
to provide food and drinks for an event
We had to cater for six hundred people at the wedding. It was a lot of work!
lacking in space, uncomfortably small
My room was so cramped that I fell over my suitcase every time I got out of bed!
a person or thing that precedes the development of something else
The historical forerunners of modern day hotels were called Inns.
lifestyle category
when talking of hotels, those that fall into the class that represent and cater to the particular ways people like (or would like) to live their lives
The Ritz Hotel is, without doubt, a leader in the luxury lifestyle category.
to make to particular individual requirements, or to add a detail that identifies an individual
The fitness center will personalize a diet and a workout program for you, if you ask.
in business, a range of investments held by an individual or organization - In the hotel business, this would be the collection of hotels owned by a group
Our hotel group has added three new hotels to its portfolio this year.
signature features
things associated with a particular brand, style or category
One of the signature features of the Radisson hotels is their comfortable bedding.
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