Unit 5: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 12 vocabulary words below.
when a customer is claiming that something has happened to them they do not like or a service has not been provided
The allegations the customer made about the waiter were untrue, he had not been rude to them.
an attempt by someone to convince another person that they are right in their way of thinking and give reasons to defend this; usually these are unpleasant for both parties
I had to be careful how to deal with this customer because I had heard her arguing with the manager earlier and I did not want to cause another argument.
the way in which someone reacts to a situation or feeling that can be seen by others
My manger is watching my behaviour towards the customers and if he is pleased with what he sees he will give me a pay rise.
defense mechanism
unconscious coping methods that attempts to reduce anxiety created by threats from other people
Last time I dealt with this customer, I was so afraid I used a defence mechanism; I blamed someone else to get away from them quickly.
difficult Customer
a person who is paying to stay at the hotel and is complaining about part of the service they have received
I was very worried when my manager said I had to deal with the difficult customer.
someone who is hired to perform duties for an employer, and is given set roles and responsibilities to carry out
I was so pleased at becoming employee of the month; it showed that my boss appreciated how hard I had worked.
golden rule
a term often used when giving staff instructions on their roles and responsibilities. It is the most important thing to remember about their job
Housekeeping said the golden rule to keeping this customer happy was to make sure he had plenty of fresh towels.
communicate with or without speaking
Learning how to interact with customers is a really important part of working with the public.
open body language
the methods someone uses to stands or sits in a relaxed pose, with uncrossed legs and arms, to show a person that they are approachable and friendly
When my friend was very cross with the waiter, he stayed in a calm and collective manner, showing open body language which put my friend at ease and she soon calmed down.
the ability to be able to repeat what a customer says to you, but using fewer words, so that they know you have listened to everything they have said
Paraphrasing is something I am not very good at, because I nearly always forget something that is said to me.
public opinion created by comparing the feedback of the hotel's service against the expected criteria
The hotel had a fantastic reputation, so we immediately booked the largest suite when it came available.
to place everything that has been said into one or two short sentences, usually to clarify intent or meaning
Summarising the customer's complaint help me to see how I could solve it for them and it also helped to put the customer's mind at ease.
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