Unit 6: Vocabulary

To pass this unit, please study the 12 vocabulary words below.
the department of a hotel that is responsible for the service of alcoholic drinks
The bar was very busy and we had to wait nearly half an hour to be served.
to hold or support an object, food, drink, towels etc, and deliver it/them to the customer
The waiter was able to carry all of our drinks on one tray.
a person who is paid to prepare and cook food for a paying customer
We asked to see the chef because my husband's steak was not cooked properly.
drinks made from alcohol and usually contain three main ingredients: a spirit, a sweet/sugary item and a sour/bitter item
I was not sure what I wanted to drink, so I asked the bartender to suggest a cocktail.
a brewed beverage that is prepared from roasted seeds/ beans that come from an evergreen shrub
The coffee machine had broken, but the engineer was on their way to fix it.
an assistant that carries and fetches for the kitchen staff, but can also have duties to take a customer's luggage to their room
We tipped the porter, because the service was excellent.
something that has happened that needs to be solved because it is not right
There was a problem with my order, so I sent it back to the kitchen.
sous chef
the second in command in the kitchen, who will be responsible for the coordination of the kitchen staff and their training
The pastry chef was away on holiday so the Sous Chef took their place in the kitchen.
an aromatic beverage made by pouring boiling water over cured leaves of a plant; a favorite drink in the UK
Even though the restaurant served lots of different teas, I ordered my favourite English Breakfast tea.
tea bag
a small container made from filter paper used to enclose leaves and placed in hot water to infuse
My tea bags broke in the teapot and I ended up with tea leaves everywhere.
the male members of staff, who take the guest's order of food and then will carry the food from the kitchen to the guest's table
The waiter was very pleasant and we enjoyed his company, so we gave him a large tip.
the female members of staff, who take the guests order of food and then will carry the food from the kitchen to the guest's table
The bad waitress was very slow to bring our order and when the food came to our table it was cold.
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