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1. Introduction to Hotels 1
If you're working in or thinking of working in the hotel industry, it's important to know the differences between the many types of hotels that exist today. This unit dives into some of the most common vocabulary terms needed when working in hospitality.
13 8
2. Introduction to Hotels 2
When choosing a hotel for a longer stay or a vacation abroad, many people look first to those with the most famous names. This unit expands on the common vocabulary terms used in hospitality.
11 8
3. Introduction to Hotels 3
Presented with so many options - “Where shall I stay?” and “Where shall I work?” are both questions that are likely to take many more hours of investigation and planning than you might (at first) have imagined! This is the third and last unit to dig into the basic hotel vocabulary you need to know.
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4. Hotel Jobs and Responsibilities
Staff positions in a hotel can vary greatly depending on the type of hotel. In general, the staff can be placed into three different categories: administration, guest services and support staff.
11 8
5. Dealing With Difficult Customers
At some point in your hospitality career, you will have to deal with customers. This unit teaches the most important vocabulary necessary to handle tough situations with grace.
12 8
6. Restaurant Jobs and Responsibilities
Staff positions in restaurants, just like in hotels, can vary greatly. This unit covers the most important roles and job descriptions in places that serve food and drinks.
12 8
7. Restaurant Menus and Taking Orders
One of the most important tasks in any restaurant is taking an order from a customer. This unit prepares waiting staff to ace everything to do with serving food.
12 8
8. Restaurant Pastries and Baked Goods
In this unit we discuss pastry, bread, and bakery vocabulary.
12 8
9. Fine Dining
The hotel’s restaurant is one of the most important features for guests, and has to keep the highest standards at all times.
20 8
10. Housekeeping
Satisfactory housekeeping is the mark of a good hotel, as above all, guests will judge a guesthouse based on the room they are staying in. Learn the most important housekeeping vocabulary in this unit.
20 8
11. Reception and Reservations
Depending on the size of the hotel, a guest's first contact will be with either reception or the reservations department. This unit teaches how to ace this first interaction, along with anything reception related.
20 8
12. Guest Rooms
This unit aims to familiarize you with vocabulary all around guest rooms. A conversation between hotel receptionist and guest serves to illustrate real life application of the terms taught in this unit.
20 8
13. Health and Safety
One of the most important aspects of working in a hotel is knowing about correct health and safety procedures, to reduce the risk of accidents - and if an accident happens, how to perform basic first aid.
20 8
14. Hotel Management
This unit contains common vocabulary relating to the successful management of hotels, as well as a dialogue in the form of a job interview to demonstrate how this vocabulary may be used in a manager's day to day life.
20 8
15. Going the extra mile
This unit teaches relevant vocabulary to provide great customer service, demonstrated in an interview with a concierge.
20 8